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Unconditional Love
Saturday, June 12, 2010

Good day people. To the people whom know me, you should knew that I've stop blogging for some time; but for the people whom don't know me, you may start to know me more by reading my blog more often from now. In fact, I even changed my url so do relink me if you want to and this will be much appreciated.

So how's life going?
Well, I can ensure that mine is going to be very busy for this entire whole semester since I'm already in year two now. No doubt, time flies.

Say hello to Singapore and-and-ooh I already started to miss Singapore. The boyfie said "Let's go Singapore" after his final and well, how could I resist wtf. I'm just so excited about it when it comes to trips. My parents brought us to Singapore during the Chinese New Year holiday for a short trip and we went to a very famous seafood restaurant called Long Beach restaurant located at East Coast Parkway. Trust me, the food was seriously awesome.




#1 Sliced beef with green onions


#2 Steamed prawns


#3 Fried Yao Char Kuay


#4 Sweet and sour crab


#5 The recommended fried noodles from the restaurant


#6 Black pepper crab

Frankly, the food at Singapore seriously sucks and I ain't being sarcastic here. I can tell you that this would be the best meal I had there. Serious! But overall I did really enjoy myself during the trip. Anyway, I hope that you enjoy reading it.

Blood doesn't have to make you family; Its the unconditional love that does.

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